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Madballs vs GPK Battle 2-Packs - Complete Set of Four 2-Packs


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Introducing the new Madballs vs GPK battle 2-packs by Premium DNA Toys!

Each figure stands 6” tall and features MADular articulation for part swapping and customization.

Screamin' Meemie vs Mouth Phil

Mouth Phil includes 4 sets of hands and 3 swappable heads/mouths full of baseballs. Screamin Meemie includes 4 sets of hands, a baseball glove hand attachment, and a baseball bat.

Bruise Brother (Badballs Biker Edition) vs Mugged Marcus

Badballs Biker Edition Bruise Brother includes removable goggles, knife with sheath, vest, bandages, and breakaway battle damage helmet panel revealing cracked skull and wormy brains!.

Mugged Marcus includes trash can with removable garbage.

Oculus Orbus (Toxic Waste Edition) vs Starin' Darren

Oculus Orbus glows in the dark, and the 2pack includes a toxic waste barrel full of real glow in the dark slime! 

Each figure stands 6" tall and features MADular articulation, for part swapping at every articulation point, and includes 4 sets of interchangeable hands.

Horn Head vs Sy-Clops

Each has 4 sets of interchangeable hands. Horn Head includes breakaway horn for head-stabbing fun, and figures include interchangeable bloody bandages!