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GPK Classic 6" Action Figure Wave 1 - Complete Set of 4


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GPK Classics 6" action figures have arrived, and they’re here to bring all the insane fun of classic GPK trading cards to life in action figure form! Each GPK Classic figure features card accurate styling and accessories, 26 points of articulation, and Premium DNA’s signature MADular articulation for mix and matching parts to create your own crazy combinations! Parts are cross compatible with Madballs Vs GPK and Madballs action figures.

NASTY NICK: The one that started it all with card 1A! Nasty Nick is loaded with accessories including vampire bat pet, articulated “doll companion” for snack time, a sculpted cape, and wired soft goods cape for recreating his iconic card pose!

MEAN GENE: his Mohawk is spiked, his teeth are clinched around his knife and he’s ready for carnage! Mean Gene includes removable glasses, 2 bullet bandoliers, a quiver full of arrows, machine gun, box full of dynamite, a knife with sheath, removable belt grenade, stray bullets and broken bottle for perfectly capturing his original card!

NAT NERD: complete with stained underpants, Nat includes removable glasses, comic book storage box and 3 stacks of comics to perfectly capture his original trading card look!

TATTOO LOU: the body art aficionado is here and ready to display his collection of tattoos! Tattoo Lou is covered in faithfully recreated art from his original trading card, as well as original tattoos artwork on his back full of fun GPK Easter Eggs!