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LIVE NOW: Madballs Wave 2
LIVE NOW: Madballs Wave 2


Madballs vs GPK Battle 2-Packs (LIMITED EDITION B-CARD) - Kayo'd Cody vs Bruise Brother (Badballs Biker Edition)

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Original price
$79.99 - $79.99
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B-Card Packaging editions are limited to 250 sets each and exclusive to Premium DNA Toys

The "Duel at the Dumpster" is set, and whether they're in for a bruising or a mugging, chaos will ensue with the new Madballs vs GPK Badballs Biker Edition Bruise Brother squaring off against Kayo'd Cody! 

Each figure stands 6" tall and features MADular articulation, for part swapping at every articulation point, 26 total points of articulation, and 4 sets of interchangeable hands.

Badballs Biker Edition Bruise Brother includes removable goggles, knife with sheath, vest, bandages, and breakaway battle damage helmet panel revealing cracked skull and wormy brains!  

Kayo'd Cody includes trash can with removable garbage!

See more pictures on the original (A-Card) listing: Bruise Brother vs Mugged Marcus

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