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LIVE NOW: Earthworm Jim Wave 1 Pre-Order
LIVE NOW: Earthworm Jim Wave 1 Pre-Order
We revamp beloved childhood toy brands to create cutting-edge action figures with vintage flair.

Raffle for Madballs Test Shots and Production Samples!

Rare Madballs Production Pieces Available Jan. 15

Have you ever wondered what becomes of the relics of toy production? Have you ever wanted to own a prototype or test shot? These rare items generally end up on the desk of a company executive and out of sight. But Premium DNA is giving you the chance to own some of these ultra rare and ultra unique items! Due to most items being only 1 or a few of a kind, we will be holding a raffle for your chance to purchase. Each comes with its own certificate of authenticity.

How to Enter:

Simply like, share, and tag someone in our pinned post(s) about the raffle on Premium DNA social media:




Deadline to Enter:

All entries must be recorded prior to 10:00 AM EST on January 15, 2022. Winners will be announced Monday, Jan 17.

What's Available?

TEST SHOTS (unpainted, unpackaged, include accessories): 2x Horn Head, 3x Splitting Headache, 3x Bruise Brother, 3x Oculus Orbus
ARTICULATION SAMPLES (unpainted, no accessories, final-approved articulation): 1x Horn Head, 1x Splitting Headache, 1x Bruise Brother, 1x Oculus Orbus
BLISTER TEST (painted, comes with accessories, plain white box): 1x Horn Head, 1x Splitting Headache, 1x Bruise Brother, 1x Oculus Orbus
PACKAGE TEST (painted, comes with accessories, hand-cut box): 2x Horn Head, 2x Splitting Headache, 2x Bruise Brother, 2x Oculus Orbus
SPINE TEST (painted, no accessories, spine-build size test): 3x Horn Head (1x original spine, 1x +2mm, 1x +3mm)

What Will it Cost?

Each piece will be $250 dollars. All raffle winners are limited to one piece per purchase. 

How do Raffle Winners Buy?

All pieces will be visible for purchase to raffle winners only, starting Wednesday, January 19, 2022 at 12:00 PM EST.

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