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Madballs Wave 2 - Complete Set of 4


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Madballs are back with the new wave 2 action figures by Premium DNA!

We've raised the bar for grossness and wackiness even higher!

Each figure includes 3 signature accessories designed by James Groman, 4 sets of swappable hands, 25 points of articulation, and MADular part swapping for wild mix-and-match mashups!

Slobulus comes with:
  • Eyeball + bone mace,
  • Severed zombie arm club
  • Skull with spinal column club
Wolfbreath comes with:
  • Grotesque food bowl with brains and bones
  • Severed zombie leg w/ boot
  • Fire hydrant club!
Swine Sucker comes with:
  • Ham with meat cleaver
  • Sausage whip
  • Dinner fork w/ rat!
Clang Fang comes with:
  • Giant chainsaw
  • Screwdriver w/ beetle
  • Crescent wrench w/ eyeball.
Swine Sucker additional info. - Drawing inspiration from the original Madball, Swine Sucker comes to life for the first time ever in action figure form! Designed by James Groman, this Swine Sucker will make you happier than a pig in mud when you see how we went hog wild with  details! 

Clang Fang additional info. - Designed for the original Madballs head popper action figure line but never released, Premium DNA is ecstatic to finally bring this amazing monstrosity to collectors! Our team painstakingly studied the original James Groman control art, prototypes, and unproduced figure to create the quintessential, definitive Clang Fang!

Bonus Trading Cards:

All pre-orders placed with Premium DNA will ship with exclusive "Making Madballs" trading cards! These include never-before-seen Madballs production artwork from both original and modern toy lines. Each pack contains 5 randomly assorted cards out of 50 standard cards, 10 chase cards, and randomly-included autographed sketch cards from artists like James Groman!