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LIVE NOW: Madballs In-Stock Sale

Barnyard Commandos Wave 1 - Private Side O'Bacon (SHIPS Q2 2022)

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This item is a pre-order scheduled to ship Q2 2022.

Barnyard Commandooooooos!! The battle is on as the Rebel Army of Militant Sheep (RAMS) fight for superiority against the Platoon of Rebel Killer Swine (PORKS)! Each Barnyard Commandos figure is just over 5" tall (head to tail) and features 26-30 points of articulation and multiple accessories for creating maximum carnage!

Private Side O'Bacon awoke after a night of partying to find he had enlisted in the military. He likes to think he brings a touch of class to the pig pen. Though he has been known to "put on the hog", he earns respect by keeping cool in the heat of battle, and his hooves shine even when slogging through mud. Figure includes flamethrower back pack with goggles and hay bale.

Private Side O'Bacon Comes With:

1x Backpack flamethrower
2x Removable glasses
1x Bale of hay