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Earthworm Jim Wave 1 - Complete Set of 4


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Go forth and destroy! Destroy! DESTROY! The megalomaniacal ruler of La Planeta De Agua, Bob the Killer Goldfish, has arrived! Bob is joined in his quest for universal domination by his favorite of 7 cat henchmen, the enormous #4!

Standing over 7" tall, the new Premium DNA 1/12 scale #4 action figure features 30 points of articulation, and includes removable armor, 3 sets of hands, special fish bowl gripping hand, figure stand, removable diving mask, and 3 interchangeable heads (vintage toy, neutral expression game, and open mouth game.)

Bob the Killer Goldfish includes 2 different game inspired pedestals and clear fishbowl. 


Once a common earthworm living a peaceful life somewhere in the Southern United States, Jim's life was forever changed when suddenly from the sky he was hit with the ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit created by Professor Monkey for a Head for the evil Queen Slug-For-A-Butt. With his newfound powers, Jim travels across the galaxy battling evil foes in his quest to rescue the beautiful Princess What's-Her-Name from the evil clutches of Psy-Crow! Woah Nelly!

The groovy new Premium DNA 1/12 scale Earthworm Jim action figure stands 6" tall. He features 30 points of articulation, and includes his trusty blaster, 3 Snot companions (standard, neutral backpack insert, and action pose backpack insert),  3 sets of hands, figure stand, and 3 swappable heads.


This mad scientist has gone bananas, and he's not monkeying around!  Professor Monkey For a Head may not have a spare Battery of the Gods to power a new super suit, but that does not stop him from creating new and treacherous inventions! Though the monkey grafted to the Professor's head is easy going and loves to tease him, the Professor is fiercely protective of his simian companion, who allows him to escape nearly any situation with his climbing abilities.

An incredible 2 action figures in one, the new Premium DNA 1/12 scale Professor Monkey For a head action figure stands approximately 11" tall (5.5" of human, 5.5" of monkey). The Professor features 31 points of articulation, and Monkey features 28 points of articulation. Set includes 2 heads (screaming and non-screaming), 3 sets of hands for both Professor and monkey, 3 science test tubes/beakers, figure stand, and banana powered blaster rifle!


The Scourge of the Space Lanes has arrived! Psy-Crow is after Jim, and he is hungry for worm flesh. Psy-Crow accidentally created Earthworm Jim by dropping the Super Suit created by Professor a Monkey for a Head directly on him, and he will not rest until he reclaims it and delivers it safely to Queen Slug-For-a-Butt!

The new Premium DNA 1/12 scale Psy-Crow action figure stands 6" tall. He features 32 points of articulation, and includes removable space helmet, grappling hook blaster, swappable space suit with bare feather arms and bare tail feathers, 3 sets of hands, figure stand, and 3 interchangeable heads (angry, neutral, and disappointed).