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Madballs vs GPK Battle 2-Packs (LIMITED EDITION B-CARD) - Tooth Les vs Screamin' Meemie

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B-Card Packaging editions are limited to 250 sets each and exclusive to Premium DNA Toys

Baseball turns to BaseBRAWL with the new Madballs vs GPK Screemin’ Meemie/Tooth Les battle pack by Premium DNA Toys!

Each figure stands 6” tall and features MADular articulation for part swapping and customization. Tooth Les includes 4 sets of hands and 3 swappable heads/mouths full of baseballs. Screamin Meemie includes 4 sets of hands, a baseball glove hand attachment, and a baseball bat.

See more pictures on the original (A-Card) listing: Screamin' Meemie vs Mouth Phil

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