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Production Piece Raffle Winners

Production Piece Raffle Winners

Without further ado, here are the winners of the Madballs production piece raffle:

      • optimusdrizzt
      • James Sawyer
      • paul_bot
      • Ray Scott
      • Dustin Hubbard
      • Tony Thatsme
      • James Laforett
      • WireMonkey69customs
      • obeydacow
      • NoNoiseChitChat
      • cineplay_toys
      • Nick Cooper
      • Matthew H Lipparelli
      • Lisa Jarosiewicz
      • Battlestar Toybox
      • Sparky Kelly
      • Glenn McIntyre
      • James Bacon
      • dadvssoncollect
      • Blaze Sawyer
      • GeorgyBoyee
      • Gavin Willard
      • Mike Fink
      • jah.the.hutt
      • Jason Boonstra
      • shinmacollection
      • Kareem

NOTE: These names are combined from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Please identify your name or screenname and verify with us via DM on whichever channel you used to enter.

ALSO: Please create a Premium DNA Toys login at the following link (if you haven't already):

You will need to have a login in order to be granted access to the private item sale.

PRIVATE SALE: The sale will open to raffle winners at 12:00 PM EST on Wednesday, January 19. Each item will be priced at $250 and is limited to one per person.

See the original contest post for more information on what is available:


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